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Jessica Sanders at December 04, 2019 at 12:01am CST

Virginia Tech massacre was the worst murder in the American history. The orchestrator of the crime was Seung-Hui Cho who committed suicide after the act. The massacre took place on April 16, 2007 and left at least thirty two people dead while many others were wounded. The psychological theory applicable to the Virginia Tech massacre is the psychodynamic approach which is based on unconscious mental processes. Sigmund Freud was the author of this theory. This conception asserts that ego guides a person’s behaviors and intentions. Therefore, whenever someone learns that his/her wishes might not materialize, he/she tends to get into a tantrum. However, such a behavior is applicable to children or younger adults. Subsequently, an under-developed super ego compels an individual to commit a crime. The violent behavior stems from the amalgam of unconscious forces that are hidden in a person’s mind. Such conducts are not prevalent among confident and outgoing children. Those inclined to violence always have personality disorders and self-esteem issues that make them feel inferior. Consequently, this makes them have high levels of animosity towards humans. Moreover, some serious violent offenders might have personality disorders which link them to their antisocial behaviors. In fact, it is apparent that people with such conditions are more vulnerable to violence if compared with the normal population. Similarly, psychopaths are more likely to continue their criminal activities even when other offenders give up crimes. The contribution of psychodynamic theory towards criminal activities can also be demonstrated through displaced aggression which is a failure to repress aggressive impulsion. Psychologists believe that early childhood factors are attributable to the development of anti-social personalities such as psychopaths. This is the basis of psychodynamic theory. It is, therefore, integral to ensure that children are given a chance to bond with their parents so as to restore their emotional stability. About the author: Jessica Sanders is a bachelor in English philology and sociology at California University. Jessica is currently working as one of the best writers at the She also studies feminine psychology.

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