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Minority owned turnkey patented accounting change saves up to 55% of the counties cost for employee healthcare premiums with no net cost to employees, no direct cost to the county, changes none of your healthcare plans or policies, and can be implemented at any time of your plan year. This would lead to a net revenue increase for the county of up to $161 million annually or $5 billion to $10 billion over the next three decades. No up front costs to patent holder only a legal review by your own tax law or accounting firm. The due-diligence material needed for a legal review is not publically available, and can only be disclosed by the patent holder to clients who sign a non-compete, and agree to have the due-diligence material delivered to their qualified tax law or accounting firm for review with consultation with the patent holder. Two employees would be needed to spend a couple of hours a month to download cost data to the patent holder to stay compliant with IRS rules and regulations after enactment.


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Idea: Cricket Live

roman rocking 3 months ago

Indian Cricket Live has often been surrounded by a debate in regards to finding a possible substitute for MS Dhoni who only plays limited-overs' cricket now. There is no doubt about the abundant talent in the country which can fill in the shoes of MS Dhoni, however, in whatever limited chances that have been offered to the youngsters, none of them have been able to grab them with both hands. If you ask any Cricket Live expert or a fan that who is the greatest ODI batsman off all-time, many would say Sir Viv Richards, most would say, Sachin Tendulkar; some would pick other batsmen. One name that will appear in almost all the experts and fans list would be that of Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

His statistics are second to nobody, having already scored 43 ODI Centuries he is way past all the modern greats like Ponting, Sangakkara and many more. For anyone to have played more than 50 ODI innings, he has the highest batting average, and we don’t even need to state the fact that he is the most excellent chaser in the history of ODI Cricket Live. Having already achieved so many milestones, are there any records that Kohli hasn’t broken Well, his partner in crime and currently the second-best limited-overs batsman in the world Rohit Sharma has some records to his name that can make it tough for even someone like Kohli. Today, let’s look at five such records of Rohit Sharma.

As with most remodelers I had a general idea of how my schedule should progress. The issues that separate remodeling from new home construction are the variables. When it came to scheduling I could not be as stringent as a new home builder. For the most part new construction is without hidden obstacles like those dealt with in remodeling. This is one of the reasons why those of us at The SimpleBuild insist on offering schedules and templates that accommodate both new home builders and remodelers.

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We know Arlo Go, Arlo Pro2, Arlo Pro, and Arlo cameras are IP65 insisted atmosphere safe and not reluctant to beat the snow, rain, or warmth. Remain absolutely free of cords and wiring messes with Arlo Go, Arlo Pro and Arlo cameras. If you're new to this brilliant gadget then you can undoubtedly snatch steps regarding to Arlo Pro2 Setup from us. Call us

Audrey Henderson, Founder and Owner, Knowledge Empowerment about 7 years ago

Establish a clearinghouse of vacant and abandoned properties in the area along with the following information:

1) Legal status of the property (eg disputed foreclosure, absentee owner, etc)

2) Available resources in close proximity (to gauge or stimulate potential real estate development interest)

3) Habitability status (move-in ready or needs work?)

4) Zoning Status (especially for commercial properties to determine possible mixed use)

5) TIF and other special funding availability

The aim of the initiative would be to match available commercial and residential structures with individuals and households seeking affordable housing. The initiative would provide wrap-around social services for individuals and households moving into properties along with harnessing government, private and NGO resources for the sustainable rehabilitation of properties that needed repairs.

It just so happpens that I am working on just such an initiative, called Legally Occupy and I could use the support of the Cook County Board and others interested in promoting affordable housing in the area to help get the initiative up and running. 

I am especially seeking support that would allow me to devote full-time effort for the next 30 to 60 days to further build out the Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings (HViAB) platform that I am developing with Dan Fehrenbach of CNT Energy.  A rudimentary version of the HViAB platform focused on the Bronzeville area of Chicago won a runner-up prize in the 2012 Urban Sustainability Hackathon sponored by the Center for Neighborhood Technology in October.

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I would put all the administrative asst in a pool and offer them to go to other locations in the cook county system when there is a need. Some will be happy to relocate, and have a new challenge and learn new skills. Use the resources you currently have to cut cost all over the county. I for one am an administrative asst II I came to the detention center to work with administration however I was transferred to an area that I use none of my skills for office work ( Microsoft word, excel, outlook. And I am doing work in what should be a clerk’s position. I am also being trained to be in an area that will have direct contact with the minors of the center. I have no desire to do to work with minors. This should be trained staff, counselors or Probation officers duties than an un-trained administration asst. when the minors first come in. if there was a pool of offerings that each employee can be placed in I do believe this will satisfy the needs of the many as well as keeping good employees who do want to work for the county and it will also foster a better work environment. It will also fill your need of skilled employees in other locations.

Drug treatment is meant to assist confirmed people stop compulsive drug seeking and use. Treatment will occur during a style of settings, take many alternative forms, and last for various lengths of your time. as a result of white plague is often a chronic disorder characterized by occasional relapses, a short, one-time treatment is sometimes not enough. For many, treatment could be a long-run method that involves multiple interventions and regular observance. There area unit a range of evidence-based approaches to treating addiction. Drug treatment will embody behavioural medical care (such as cognitive-behavioral medical care or contingency management), medications, or their combination.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program - Substance & Abuse - Rehab Treatment Most of the non-public health treatment plans cowl a minimum of a region of abuse treatment, and a few embody it entirely. to seek out out what's lined within the treatment arrange, you ought to decide the various facility. several drug treatment facilities will assist you to notice associate degree adequate arrange if you're certain what to raise. they'll assist you with what percentage days and what services area unit lined underneath a selected policy. Four major insurance corporations make sure the coverage of a lot of people across the state like United health care, Blue Cross and Blue protect, Cigna, and Aetna.

An individual seeking for a rehab treatment program within the state might find on the SAMHSA web site. This website facilitates the abuse treatment facility locator; this may establish any treatment center within the needed space. This website locater options quite eleven,000 drug treatment programs around u. s. you would like to travel through the web site and insert your location to seek out a program facility close to your space.

Public assistance is provided by federally funded and state-run drug and alcohol treatment programs. looking on the state, these treatment programs area unit enclosed underneath a lot of important health or behavioral health department. All the facilities like inmate and patient Care area unit provided additionally to medical aid support services. SAMHSA Grants- one in every of the federal funding programs is that the grants provided through SAMHSA. Notably, the abuse bar and Treatment subsidization (SABG) provide bar and treatment programs for a few phases of the population. https://therehabtreatment.com/how-do-i-pay-for-addiction-treatment/