The Cook County budget covers a huge amount of spending. There are 17 commissioners with relatively small staffs. Few of the commissioners or staff members have great expertise in accounting, budgets and audits.

The commissioners should get money to hire outside accounting expertise to review the budget submitted by the president. This would be a spending increase, but it would also achieve two important goals:

1. The budget would get scrutinized better.

2. The commissioners would better understand the budget.

Ideally, this would make Cook County government work better.

If you are going to stick a tax on a private used vehicle purchase, you ought to charge the tax upon vehicle registration, rather than surprise the buyer with a hefty tax bill four months later. If you can't get the state (DMV) to facilitate this, then you should not have enacted the tax without this minimal consideration for Cook County residents.

Right now it is free, why not charge $25 per class? And make all misdemeanor marijuana possession charges petty offenses, with a minimum fine of $500! So much money is wasted in court on these cases.

Kurt Schneider about 7 years ago

Unfair vehicle use tax - I feel the amount charged for used vehicles is totally unfair.. it should be based on vehicle cost not just age.. I got a bill for 175$ for a motorcycle i paid 150$ ... how is thst even close to fair?? If I had purchased from a dealer the tax would have been 15$ come on cook county be more fair!

pollard holmes, Writer to the core 9 months ago

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We can reduce citizen wait times across major departments within Cook County with a Virtual Queuing System. This will allow citizens to get in line via virtual Que at any location of any department, as well as schedule appointments. The sophisticated Management Information Reports our system provides will enable every department and the County to track and measure wait times, staff efficiency, volumes (daily, weekly, monthly). Citizens can also self serve into services via Kiosks and Mobile Apps. Imagine reducing wait times by 50%...imagine reduced wait times at the ER at Stroger Hospital and other facilities.

We are City of Chicago and Cook County WBE Certified.

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