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That was evident early when the visiting team stared down a familiar face and played up to the competition ever so scrappily. NBA Full Games This was we’ll-show-you game, with the Toronto Raptors demonstrating to Kawhi Leonard that they’re the defending champs and he is, with all due respect, no longer part of that equation. And so, although it was ultimately a triumphant night for Leonard because, after all, the LA Clippers managed the 98-88 victory, the Clippers did so in spite of him for the most part. What a coincidence that Leonard’s first less-than-stellar game with his new team came against his old.

But the beauty of this, from the Clippers’ standpoint, is Leonard won’t be a solo star for much longer. He won’t see as many double-teams, as he did constantly against the Raptors. NBA Full Games If his shot doesn’t fall, and it went clackety-clank Monday at Staples Center, he will be bailed out. And the turnovers -- he had nine, more than triple the number of baskets he scored -- will undoubtedly be reduced because someone is coming to rescue him from regular ball-handling chores.

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